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The Last Aria (CD)

Several scenes in The Last Aria book feature well-known operatic arias to communicate, or color the scene. If you are an opera buff and know these arias, you will immediately understand why the aria was chosen. However, if you are not familiar, you can rely on the translations made available within the text of the story to help you. That, along with the companion recording, will add a richness to your reading experience, making it a multi sensory one. You will also gain a more in-depth understanding of the story line as well as the arias used

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Click to hear samples:

A'Vucchella, Tosti
Bailero, Canteloube
Im Treibhaus, Wagner
La Maja y el Ruisenor, Granados
Raindrop Prelude, Chopin
Una Furtiva Lagrima, Donizetti
Vissi D'arte, Puccini

This is a companion recording to​                                .

The Last Aria (book)
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