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Sonoma's Gold

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About the Story:

Barbara Kinder and William Helmsley are at it again, solving the mystery of a long suffering spirit of a Russian Brandy maker before the city sells the two vineyards leaving its long time occupants homeless.


When a forgotten town in Northern California is desperate to bring in business they fabricate a story to entice two well-known ghost story sleuths/chefs to help them plan a menu for a new festival. Hoping to fool them into thinking their town is haunted an old Victorian is rigged with ghostly effects. It turns out that the old house is haunted and while trying to discover why, fabulous California dishes are prepared.  The third in a series of culinary ghost story mysteries this story follows long tradition of mystery, good food and great characters!

Special Thanks 

A great big thank you two my editors. Margaret Broderick and Becky Corbett these brilliant and beautiful ladies editing skills are top notch. 

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Sonoma's Gold Theme

When we didn’t agree on punctuation or sentence structure there was no blood drawn, no pistols at dawn!  There was civility and acquiescence.  There were intelligent and enlivened arguments.  All so interesting, and stuff that I hope to remember, even just a little bit.

These two ladies have taught me so much but mostly they have shown me tremendous support and generosity with their time and talent.  I am so grateful to you both!  Love you and lets to it again real soon! 

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