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The Good Woman

Chef Elizabeth has completed her first religious recording. It features more than 20 local singers in solo pieces and two choirs including an eight-member children's choir. This precious recording was made in two days in the choir loft at St. Brigid's Catholic Church in Pacific Beach.?
The recording has no digital edits, each track on the CD is as it was recorded. The beautiful echo you hear at the end of many of the choral pieces is as it was the night we recorded it. The beautiful acoustic of this wood and plaster church with its lovely arched ceiling has given a beautiful "patina" to each track of this recording.?
Elizabeth is very familiar with this fabulous acoustic as she as sung as choir member and cantor at St. Brigid's for 15 years. The recording is a collection of many different music styles. You will hear classical pieces of Bach, Palestrina, Verdi and Schubert, contemporary pieces by Shirley Whitecotton, Hal Hopson and Elisabeth Duda and folk music with hymns with Appalachian origin. Half of the proceeds from this recording will be going to the retired women religious of the Catholic Church, the other half will pay for the cost of this recording. Click the links below to download mp3 samples from the CD. Please note: the mp3 samples have been cut and their fidelity has been compromised by compressing them into an mp3 format. They pale in comparison to the actual recording.?
All pieces recorded with permission.

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Click to hear samples:

Bone Jesu
Ave Maria
Cantical of Love
Servant Song
Wonderous Love
One Thing More
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