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Talking Pictures

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About the Story:

Talking Pictures is a cooking novella a small novel with recipes. Talking Pictures is a sweet story of a family that through its struggles creates a great legacy for making amazing soups. It s a sweet read filled with recipes and a great escape for those who love to cook, love to garden and love Opera.

If you enjoy a sweet read with a positive message and adding exceptional recipes to your repertoire, this is the book for you. My favorite recipes in the book are the Onion Soup with Gruyere and the Cranberry Chutney over Brie, topped with buttered pecans The story is also a reminder to slow down and take time for little things, like a good cup of tea. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Chef Elizabeth

Barbara loves to cook; soups are a specialty passed down from her mother and grandmother. On a cold winter afternoon, Barbara receives a very "special" birthday gift from her mother. A "digital talking picture frame" with images of Barbara s mother and motherly advice. It s a very funny gift until Barbara s mother unexpectedly passes. After returning from her mother s funeral, Barbara is both comforted and saddened by the sweet digital images and the voice of her mother coming from the frame. Fortunately, an attractive man who shares Barbara s passion for soups has just moved in next door, creating a needed distraction.

Meanwhile, the frame s photos have mysteriously changed from funny motherly advice to older photos that seemed like so many Barbara had seen, but of people she did not know. It is then she realizes the frame s true value as it relays a mother s tender message of love, life and family.

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